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Beau Melnick is a recurring character in Brad's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Beau is Brad's overprotective older brother. Like his brother Beau is a football player and lives in a frat house with the rest of the team. Beau is the Captain of the Orlin Otters football team and linebacker.


Beau has a tall, bulky, muscular physique and short red hair with a stubble. He wears a green sleeveless muscle tee.


It's Beau who sends an e-mail to the Student Learning Center asking for tutor for his brother and so he is directly responsible for starting Brad and Mark's romance.

When Mark first meets Beau he stresses how much he needs a tutor he can trust after the bad experience he had with Daisy and Mark says he can deposit his trust on him. Mark meets him again as he is leaving the frat house after his failed first session with Brad. Beau stops Mark and questions him about leaving early and Mark explains that Brad didn't want to study, which makes Beau very mad at his brother.

Next time Mark meets him, Beau says that Daisy has stopped working as tutor on the frat house, congratulates Mark on being a good influence on his brother, and assigns him as Brad's official tutor for the rest of the semester.

Later in Brad's route, after finishing a session much earlier than usual Mark is confronted by Beau. He accuses Mark of being unprofessional and Mark explains that he's reschedule their session for tomorrow and encourages Beau to be more appreciative of Brad's efforts.

The next day Beau interrupts the boys tutoring session to find them kissing. Shocked, Beau leaves and holes himself in his room.

When Mark goes to the frat house again Beau answer the door but refuses to listen to Mark or let him in and officially fires him from his tutoring position.

Beau last appearance is at Mark and his roommates' end of semester celebration, where he may apologize to Mark depending on the player's previous choices.