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    Obscura Interview

    December 10, 2018 by Terry'sBiggestFan

    You’ve already asked some great ones that required me to think a bit, so obviously I’m going to give myself a ridiculously easy one.

    Q: What’s an indie game I’ve enjoyed recently?

    A: A strategy/simulation game called Prison Architect. I predicted it was going to be one-note novelty game, but I was completely wrong. It’s suprisingly in-depth. It feels like the devs really did their research and put a ton of thought into it. I found it fascinating to play and addictive as hell.

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    Coming Out On Top Wiki's sixth poll was created at 20:36 on August 22, 2018 and run up to 14:05 December 06 of 2018. It asked : Since we know Obscurasoft is working on a mysterious new project, which direction do you want/hope/guess for a potential COOT sequel? A total of 152 people voted and the results were:

    1º - "I'm fine with anything as long as I get to fuck more guys" - Apathy reigned and 54 people just want more sex, dammit.

    2º - "Play as Terry as he dates other closet cases of the music industry" - 23 of Terry's fans want to take their stanning to the next level and actually be him.

    3º - "Play as Mark as he travels to Brazil on Ian's friendship ending and dates Brazilian boys" - please come to brazil x 20.

    4º - "Go crazy, ditch the Orlin setting…

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    Coming Out On Top Wiki's fifth poll was created at 15:38 on April 14, 2018 and run up to 16:53 August 22 of 2018.  It asked : Besides Penny, who is your favorite girl? A total of 65 people voted and the results were:

    1º - Mark's Mom absolutely crushed the competition with 42 votes.

    2º - Zoe was a distant second with 17 votes.

    3º -Violet and Sylvia tie for third place with 2 votes each.

    4º - Holly and Jade tie for fourth place with a measly 1 vote each.

    5º - Chandra, Daisy, Dulcinea, Edwina and Molly tie for fifth and last place with 0 votes.

    Last poll results can be found here.

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    Coming Out On Top Wiki's fourth ever poll was created at 14:50 on June 13, 2017 and run up to 6:50 April 13 of 2018.  It asked : Which character are you most like? A total of 509 people voted and the results were:

    1º - Brad with 162 votes. 

    2º - Ian with 150 votes.

    3º - Mark with 68 votes.

    4º - Alex with 45 votes.

    5º - Slurpy with 30 votes.

    6º - Jed with 26 votes. 

    7º - Penny with 16 votes. 

    8º - Phil with 10 votes.

    9º - Edwina with 2 votes.

    Last poll results can be found here.

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    Coming Out On Top Wiki's third ever poll was created at 16:27 on April 22 and run up to 11:50 June 13 of 2017.  It asked : Which bonus character would you like to have a full route?A total of 159 people voted and the results were:

    1º - Terrence with 50 votes. The popstar with surprising depths got a hold of the first place. He did promise to see Mark again after all...

    2º - Donovan with 43 votes. Everyone's favourite  ̶d̶a̶d̶d̶y̶  construction worker bowed at second place.

    3º - Luke with 26 votes. Twenty six people would like Mark to return to Luke's frat house for another Streamflix and Chill session.

    4º - Cesar with 19 votes. Nineteen trouble makers wouldn't mind being searched by this cop again.

    5º - Jesse & Hugh with 8 votes. The twins paramedics take a hold o…

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    The Coming Out On Top Wiki's second poll was created at 19:21 on January 28, 2017 and asked the "Which supporting character would you like to be datable?" 109 people voted and the results are: 

    Beau crushed the competition and got first place with a staggering 82 votes. 

    Roman, Beau's frat brother, was a distant second with 12 votes. 

    Vince, Jed's bandmate, got third place with 6 votes. 

    Zelinski, aka The Short Marine, got fourth place with a measly 3 votes.

    Dart, Dante and Knutson tie for fifth and last place with a paltry 2 votes each. 

    The first pool results can be found here.

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    Besides Mark six main squeezes he has the option of going on ten different dates. Exactly ten bonus dates... It was screaming for a top 10, let's be honest. Ranging from no strings attached one night stands to maybe the beginning of something more, these dates are all very different in content and structure. Let's get to it:

    Also, if you take a quick look at my username you'll be able to guess who won first place.

    10 - Tommy

    Orlin prosecutor starts our list at number ten. Don’t get me wrong, Tommy is a nice guy. But the problem is he isn’t much aside from that. Who is Tommy aside from tall, nice and well hung? No idea.

    The most memorable part of his date doesn’t even come from him, but from the unhinged, vengeful driver Darryl. There’s just no…

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    The Wiki's aim is (1) to create a comprehensive and easy to navigate encyclopedia about the game Coming Out On Top and (2) become and integral part of part of the fandom, where fans of the game can trade experiences and fan inspired works. There's a lot to do on the Wiki and all help is welcome. You can even unlock achievements if you become an editor.

    1 - Register

    If you're going to make regular edits you should first create a Wikia account. Creating an account is very simple and quickly. It only requires you to create an username and password; have an e-mail; insert your birth date and then verify your email. Once created you'll be able to edit any wiki. You can also create a Wikia account using your Facebook one.

    2 - Getting used to the e…

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    I know, I know. We all play Coming Out On Top for the hot guys Mark can date. Hey, I play it for that too. Despite not being in the spotlight our sistren are critical to the story. Even if the game is not about their story, we call tell that they have a life of their own. The exist in the background, driving and shaping the plot along, antagonizing or helping Mark, providing comic relief, and all around helping enliven the Orlinverse (that's the fancy name I came up for the universe COOT is set in). Let's get to it:

    10 - Dulcinea

    Amos' little shih-poo starts the list. The poor little bitch was born without the use of her hind legs and uses a wheelchair to move. Inseparable from her owner, Dulcie also holds the distinction of being the only oth…

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    The first pool was created at 02:08 on January 3, 2015, and 1265 people voted  on it. It asked : Who Is Your Favorite Guy?

    And the results were:

    Ian on first place with 495 votes;

    Brad on second place with 487 votes;

    Alex on third place with 136 votes;

    Jed on fouth place with 79 votes;

    Phil in fifth place with 39 votes;

    and Other on sixth place 29 with votes.

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