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Bradley Melnick is a Quarterback football player and possible love interest of Mark in Coming Out On Top. His athletic abilities are excellent and he is potentially going pro in NFL once he graduates. He is Beau's brother.

Growing up, Brad's father was irresponsible and neglectful, forcing his brother to act as a stand in father figure.


Beau is given the false impression that Brad's failing grades was due to succumbing to the "college experience" with alcohol and girls, and that prompts Beau to hire Mark, a male, as Brad's tutor.

In truth, Brad was never good with academics. His failing grade in English comp is due to his academic insecurity and frustration at not comprehending the course material. Rather than attempt to study harder though, Brad prefers to bribe tutors and other students to complete the assignments for him. Brad does have an ability to work under pressure, especially when given proper incentive and rewards.

Brad is in the closet regarding his sexuality due to his religious background and also Beau's overprotective tendencies. When brought up, he tends to speak dismissively of any sexual encounters with girls. He admits to receiving blowjobs from some ladies before, but did not find the experiences enjoyable.


Brad has red, short wavy hair with toned, muscular build. He is 6'4" and often only wears a white tee and jeans in his room, sometimes a light grey muscle tee. He also wears a green and yellow Letterman jacket when he is outdoors.



Brad and Mark met when Mark was hired by Beau to tutor him on Thursdays. Initially Brad was less enthusiastic about having him as a tutor. His initial plan was to bribe Mark to write his papers for him. If Mark refuses and gives him the right advice, then Brad can start to become more secure with himself both academically and personally.


Beau is Brad's older brother, although their relationship is a bit strained. Beau tends to be overprotective and often acts more like a father figure than a brother. Beau tends to be suspicious of everyone who comes into contact with his brother. He is even wary of Mark, even though he specifically requested a 'respectable' male tutor.


Daisy is a fellow student who frequents the football team's house. Daisy is unabashedly flirtatious with Brad and is annoyed when she learns she was replaced as his tutor in favor of Mark. This causes Daisy to begin a quasi-competition with Mark to win back her job, even going so far as to try and seduce Brad with sexual pictures and videos of herself (being completely unaware that Brad is not even interested in females).


Roman is a fellow student and football teammate. Brad and Roman aren't shown interacting much, although living in the same house indicates they are familiar with each other. Although not intimidated by Roman's tough guy routine, Brad does have some respect for him and often relies on Roman to talk sense into Beau if he is being stubborn and hot-headed. Like everyone else, Roman is unaware of Brad's true sexual preferences unless he is told during Mark's romantic pursuit of Brad.


Brad and Penny are only shown to interact if the player is fully pursuing the romance line. Penny outwardly behaves bored and slightly condescending towards Brad, based on an initial assumption that he was just using Mark to pass his class. After seeing the genuine effort he was putting in, Penny softens a (very) little to Brad, and even goes out of her way to improve his laptop's abilities. Brad finds Penny to be pretty cool, even if he doesn't understand her or tech-speak.


Like Penny, Brad and Ian 's interactions are only limited to late in his romance line. Ian is very quick to put on an act to out "macho" Brad. It is not explained exactly why Ian behaves this way towards Brad, although it's likely a combination of suppressed jealousy as well as concern that he was using Mark to pass his classes. Brad seems unaware (or unfazed) by Ian's macho posturing, but does say that he seems "tough".


  • It is often described that Brad is very well endowed.
  • If Mark chooses to accept Brad's bribe to write his papers at any point, he cannot be pursued as a potential love interest, and they will not meet after his paper is completed.
  • Brad is the only one to have an alternate ending with Mark.
  • Brad's zodiac is Sagittarius.
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