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Brofinder is a dating app that is developed by Penny as her app development project. Penny describes it as "a gateway to meeting all manner of awesome dudes". Initially Mark is not impressed by the concept because there are already other gay dating apps. However, Penny decides to market it as a casual dating network. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for the project Mark can decide to beta test the app to help Penny.

Gameplay-wise Mark can use the app to go on nine dates total.

The list of Brofinder Profiles is as followed:

  • Jake - Science! - I'm co-founder and CTO of a start up making robotic games and teaching STEM skills to kids, focusing on young girls. In my limited free time, I love music, dance and all kinds of games! I'm progressive, a PROUD feminist and work hard to be a proud advocate for equality, diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Tommy - A Tall Drink of Otter - I'm a former college athlete who loves swimming, and I am as comfortable going on a rock climbing expedition as I am eating in a five star French restaurant. I'll treat you as I feel a gentleman should.
  • Frank - Let Me be part of your Next Adventure - World traveler in search for exciting new locales to explore. Charming, sophisticated, wealthy and witty, I'll dazzle the pants off your body and explore your locales, too. DTF only.
  • Luke - Rugby Player - Streamflix and chill?
  • Cesar - Party Boy - Bored! Let's have a fiesta!
  • Terry - Music Lover - Hey what's up. Just passing through. Looking for a discreet fun when I'm in town.
  • Donovan - Career, Family Oriented - Looking to date someone mature. No hookups please.
  • Oz and Pete - Fun-Loving Couple of Dudes - We are a happy committed couple looking for an adventure.
  • Theo - It's Not What You Think - Looking for somebody erudite, attractive, with excellent social skills about 6' with a 31.5" inseam.