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Cesar is a Brofinder date for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Cesar is a police officer in the Narcotics division of Orlin county. He joined Brofinder as a part of a sting operation where he baits people into buying poppers. He's been on the force for six years and is very proud of it. He hates being called a rookie.


Cesar is a tall, muscular man with very light brown skin. He has stubble, dark brown eyes, and black hair with side fades. The player can choose to give him a mustache. On his date he is wearing his uniform.


Mark contacts Cesar on Brofinder and he responds overenthusiastically. Cesar assumes a fake hyper friendly party boy persona to try to coax Mark into buying "poppers" for a party. Mark agrees to buy poppers for Cesar thinking he meant jalapeno poppers.

While Mark is getting ready to leave for his date, Ian appears and suggests he take a bottle of ranch dressing with him for the party, which Mark may or may not do. Whatever his decision, Mark goes to the seedy part of town to buy jalapeno poppers for Cesar and is cornered by a police car.

Cesar reveals himself and puts Mark under arrest. Mark realizes he was caught in a sting operation and that he misunderstood what kind of poppers Cesar meant. Mark tries to explain that he thought he was going to buy jalapeno poppers but Cesar ignores him.

If Mark took the bottle of ranch with him, Cesar finds it while frisking him, verifying Mark's story. Mark teases Cesar, flirtatiously calling him a rookie multiple times for not frisking his ass, angering Cesar and causing him to have angry anal sex on the hood of the police car while Mark is in handcuffs. If Mark didn't take the bottle of ranch, he seduces Cesar while he is frisking him. Cesar then puts on latex gloves and plays with Mark's ass. After either choice plays out, Cesar flirtatiously calls Mark troublesome as Mark joked he was wanted for sodomy. Cesar kisses Mark and gropes his ass once more before allowing Mark to leave.


Sure. (Proceed to #2 )
No thanks. (Game Over)
Will do. (Proceed to #3)
No. (Game Over)
Take some. Just in case. (Proceed to #4, path to unlock CG#2 )
No. Just no. (Proceed to #4, path to unlock CG#1)
Continue down the alleyway. (Proceed to #5)
Go home. (Game Over)
Yes, this is my last semester of college. (Proceed to #6 if Mark didn't take the ranch, if he did go to #9)
I'm keeping my mouth shut until I talk to a lawyer. (Proceed to #6 if Mark didn't take the ranch, if he did go to #9)
#6 - Only if Mark didn't take the ranch
Aren't you gonna frisk my butt too? (Proceed to #7)
Your sting was a completely illegal operation. (Game Over)
Okay! I can prove to you I'm innocent. (Game Over)
Say nothing. (Game Over)
Because you can totally frisk it. (Proceed to #8)
I just want to know what's the proper police procedure. (Game Over)
Well judging by that bulge in your pants... (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#1)
Sorry officer. I'll behave now. (Game Over)
Stay silent. (Game Over)
#9 - Only if Mark took the ranch
I's a bag of ranch dressing mix. (Proceed to #10)
It's cocaine. Obviously. Duh. (Proceed to #10)
Well, believe it. Will you let me go now? (Game Over)
You're such a goddamn rookie, rookie. (Proceed to #11)
Well then, let me go already. (Game Over)
Whatever. You don't seem experienced to me, rookie. (Proceed to #12)
No thanks. Let me go officer. (Game Over)
Oh yeah? Maybe I do...rookie. (Proceed to #13)
Nod, enthusiastically. (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#2)
Frantically shake your head no. (Game Over)