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Chandra is a minor character from Jed's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Chandra is a talent scout for Shaved Marmot, a record company.


Chandra appears to be slightly middle aged who has mint green hair with dark grey eyes. She wears a thick rimmed glasses, a light purple graphic tee and grey slacks.


Mark first meets Chandra when they both attend the Dirty Loofahs gig. She's impressed when Jed strips off his clothes during the show leading the audience to strip as well.

Chandra appears again at the police station where she bails the band and Mark out. She then introduces herself as a talent scout for Shaved Marmot and announces she is interested in signing the Dirty Loofahs to the label. She schedules a dinner for the next week with the band so they can discuss the the issue further.

She has a meeting with the band one last time near the end of Jed's route where they almost sign the deal with Shaved Marmot but Mark crashes the meeting and manages to dissuade them.