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The Coming Out On Top Wiki is a free, public wiki to help make an encyclopedia for the game Coming Out On Top by Obscura. This wiki will contain spoilers and guides for the many different paths available.

About Coming Out On Top

Coming Out On Top is a dating sim/visual novel by Obscura. It follows Mark Matthews, goes to college in a town called Orlin. He decides to to come out to his best friends and roommates, Penny and Ian, during his final semester. In the game you get to pursue five different guys, each with their own stories and paths. The game gives you the option to add a beard or body hair to the guys as you choose, including the main character. The game was released December 10th and is currently on version 1.1.2. It is currently $18.99 USD and, if using a credit card, shows up as a BMTMicro purchase, so nobody will really know you purchased an adult game.

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