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Daisy is a minor character in Brad's route in Coming Out On Top

Character Summary[]

Daisy works as a tutor in the athletic house for Brad before Mark is hired.

She is controlling and determined as she sees Mark as a threat to her position in the athletic house. She is also flirty and promiscuous, and willing to use her sex appeal to get what she wants.


Daisy has brown, straight shoulder-length hair. She wears a bright pink top baring her midriffs and blue jeans.


Daisy came in unannounced to Brad's room while Mark tutors Brad for the first time. She mistakes Mark as a new kicker of the team and is upset she was not asked to tutor Brad. Prior to the current arrangement, she is the one who tutors the athletes and assigns to other girls if she is fully booked. Moreover, all tutoring assignments in the athletic house must go through her.

Later on, Daisy forced Mark to stop tutoring Brad, as she claims she can offer "fun little perks" aside from tutoring. Marks tells her off and once Brad decided to choose Mark over Daisy, she angrily left the house.

Unwilling to give up, she sends an email of her raunchy pictures to Brad in an attempt to regain her position as a tutor.


  • When Mark met her when he is tutoring Brad, he describes her arrival as "being assaulted by the smell of cotton candy and bubble gum".
  • In the end of Brad's story line, it is implied that she is in a relationship with Roman.