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Donovan, or Don to friends, is a Brofinder date for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Donovan is a thirty-five year old divorcee with a teenage son - Tristan. He works in construction in an adjacent to Orlin, Palm Valley.

After his divorce two years ago, he finally came out of the closet and is now attempting to date for the first time since high school. Being out of the dating scene for so long, he is completely lost and relies on pick up lines from a guide book. His son is the one who's been encouraging him to get out and date.


Donovan is a tall, muscular middle aged white man. His arms in particular are very big. Donovan has a big, square jaw with stubble, a large nose, brown eyes and brown hair, which according to Mark, show a little bit of grey.

He wears a light purple shirt with a striped maroon tie on his date with Mark. At the construction site he wears a sleeveless white tee.


Mark contacts Donovan on Brofinder and it immediately becomes clear Donovan is not used to online dating. Donovan admits he is using the aid of a book, Online Dating for Newbs, and is nervous about the prospect of dating, but he and Mark decide to go on a date anyway.

Mark arrives at Thumper's, a gay bar in Palm Valley, to find a very uncomfortable Donovan. Donovan talks about his work and eventually decides that the club is too much and says he wants to leave. Mark convinces him to stay and they hit the dance floor. The DJ notices the pair and calls them Big Bad Daddy and his Boy Toy. This is too much for Donovan so he storms out of the club and Mark goes after him. Once outside, Donovan explains that he hates being called "Daddy" in a sexual context because he has a teenage son and offers to take Mark to a more secluded place.

To Mark's surprise the secluded place turns out to be a construction site Donovan is currently working on. Don gears himself up and teaches Mark how to woodcut. Just as Mark and Donovan are about to get intimate Tristan texts his father interrupting them. Donovan calls his son while Mark waits. Donovan returns from the call and offers to take Mark to his place.

They drive back to Donovan's house where Don talks about his divorce and his son. He admits he only came out recently after years of being married and in the closet and that his son has been supporting him in his decision to date again. Donovan airs his insecurities about how out of touch he is with the current dating scene and Mark reassures him. Don and Mark take a shower together and have sex.


Text him hello. (Proceed to #3)
Text him HELLO DADDY. (Proceed to #2, only leads into Game Overs)
Give him a piece of your mind. (Game Over)
Screw this. (Game Over)
And you're an idiot. (Game Over)
LOL! (Proceed to #6)
You tried. (Proceed to #4, recommended)
I don't get it. (Proceed to #4)
No, wait! (Proceed to #6)
Look, I think you're pretty hot. (Proceed to #5)
All right, take care. (Game Over)
Sounds fine by me. (Proceed to #6)
That's not what I'm looking for... (Game Over)
Accept. (Proceed to #7)
Decline. (Game Over)
It's supposed to a compliment, I think. (Proceed to #9, recommended)
Well yeah. (Proceed to #8)
Come on, I think it's pretty hot. (Game Over)
Drop the subject. (Proceed to #9)
No worries... (Proceed to #10)
I don't really know... (Proceed to #10)
Obviously the pylons are... (Proceed to #10)
Yeah, I've never been really... (Proceed to #10)
But...I drove all the way out here! (Proceed to #13, only leads into Game Overs)
Could you at least tell me why? (Proceed to #11)
That's too bad. (Game Over)
Like the gym teacher? (Proceed to #13, only leads into Game Overs)
Maybe a little but who cares? (Proceed to #12)
I think you look good. (Proceed to #12)
Keep on dancing. (Game Over)
Follow Don out of the building. (Proceed to #14)
Follow him. (Game Over)
Forget him. (Game Over)
Follow him. (Proceed to #15)
Bail. (Game Over)
Grab the flat, square, wooden board. (Proceed to #16)
Grab the long, rectangular piece of wood. (Proceed to #16, necessary for a successful date)
Grab the round, plastic, white pipe. (Proceed to #16)
Grab the tape measure. (Proceed to #16)
This is NOT what you signed up for. (Game Over)
Aww yeah. (Proceed to #15)
I got a fourteen and a half inch measure of my own. (Proceed to #15)
Sure thing, boss. (Proceed to #15, necessary for a successful date)
I can eyeball that, no problem. (Proceed to #15)
All right, I'm ready. (Proceed to #17, necessary for a successful date)
I don't want to die, Don. (Proceed to #17)
That was cool. (Proceed to #19)
It was interesting. (Proceed to #19, recommendedd)
I'm the Great God of Wood and Cutting. (Proceed to #19)
In the middle. (Proceed to #21)
To the side. (Proceed to #20, only leads into Game Overs)
At the top. (Proceed to #20, only leads into Game Overs)
At the bottom. (Proceed to #20, only leads into Game Overs)
I have no clue. (Proceed to #20, only leads into Game Overs)
It was kinda more like a shop class... (Game Over)
I'm disappointed but all right. (Game Over)
Age is just a number, Don. (Game Over)
Well, screw you, you old fossil. (Game Over)
It could be important... (Proceed to #22, recommended)
If you've established rules with him,... (Leads into a delayed Game Over)
Grab a drill and have some fun... (Game Over)
Check out that sexy,... (Game Over)
The tape measure looks harmless... (Game Over)
Wait patiently.(Proceed to #23)
That sounds great.(Proceed to #24)
I had a good time... (Game Over)
Yeaaaah, I think I better be heading home. (Game Over)
No, that was perfect. (Date Successful, Unlocks GGs #1 and #2)