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Edwina is a recurring character from Alex's route in Coming Out On Top

Character Summary[]

Edwina is a graduate student in Orlin University and works on a project under her advisor Graham. What attracted her to work with Graham initially is that their field of interest intertwined and his previous research potentially brings in a grant for the university. She allows herself to be pushed around by Graham for most of the game, but when he orders her to kill the lab rats, she draws the line.

Edwina is socially awkward, shy and mostly reserved. Edwina also likes to frequent JoJo's, the cafe near the university's campus.


Edwina has wavy red hair and wears cat-eye glasses. She wears a loose green sweater with a white shirt underneath it.


Through the game Edwina spies on Alex and Mark under orders from Graham. She follows them to the gym to get any dirt on Alex that will help Graham on his quest to get him fired. This culminates into her taking a picture of Mark and Alex nearly kissing, which provides just the type of blackmail material Graham needs.

Mark eventually gets suspicious of her and Graham and leads Penny into launching an investigation on them. The pair go to the gym in the hopes of catching Edwina, but she escapes. They eventually get a lucky break once Ian spots Edwina at JoJo's one day while he is on his shift and alerts his roommates.

Mark and Penny follow Edwina around campus all the way to the graduate labs, where they confront her about her spying. She admits Graham put her up to it and expresses her regret. She explains she came to the labs to take home some lab rats that have gotten fat due to a failed experiment. Graham barges into the lab and orders Edwina to call the police on Mark and Penny. Mark quickly takes a photo of the fat mice, who are evidence ofGraham's faulty research, and uses it to blackmail him into calling off the investigation on Alex and also for him to write Edwina a recommendation letter for a new advisor. Graham begrudgingly agrees to their terms and they part ways.

Later Edwina tells Alex everything Mark did and that he is the one responsible for getting the investigation dropped and so is indirectly responsible for their reconciliation.


  • She named one of the laboratory mice Hammurabi Joe.