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Frank, though he usually goes by Frankie, is a Brofinder date for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Frank works as a stripper, a job which he hates and is very ashamed of. When he goes on a date with Mark, he pretends to be a wealthy well traveled investor who leads a wild sex life.


Frank is shorter than Mark, with a muscular toned body and olive skin. He has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. One of the first things Mark notices about him when they first meet is that Frank dressed very well. For his date with Mark, Frank wears dark blue blazer with a green polo shirt underneath it and a yellow ascot around his neck.


Frank picks Mark up up at his apartment for them to attend a concert by the Orlin orchestra. On the way to the concert Frank talks about his life of traveling and his demanding but rewarding job as an investor to a not very impressed Mark.

Eventually the boys can go further on their way to the concert thanks to a traffic jam. They decide to go to the beach instead. They arrive at a sex themed gelato shop, where they discuss their sex lives. Frank says he's had a lot of sexual partners, including models and closeted celebrities while Mark admits he is not very sexually experienced.

The boys go for a stroll on the beach where Frank continues to brag about his amazing life. Mark, who's had enough of it, gives him a piece of his mind which prompts Frank to admit he only lied to impress Mark.

In reality, he is a stripper by profession and quite ashamed of his actual life. Frank also admits to not being very sexually experienced, having only had a bottoming experience once, which he didn't enjoy. Mark finally sees that Frank is actually very insecure about himself.

Mark tells him he has nothing to be ashamed of, and should own up to being a stripper. This inspires an impromptu strip dance from Frank, with Mark promising he would do one as well. The boys take their turns stripping, Frank being much more skilled than Mark, and make out. Mark says he would like to be the first guy Frank topped so the boys have sex on the beach, and after that's over, leave promising to see each other again.


Go on a date with Frank. (Proceed to #2)
Not interested. (Game Over)
Is that an ascot? (Proceed to #3)
You've got something on your neck. (Game Over)
Nice meeting you, too. (Proceed to #3, recommended)
Oh yeah, all the time. (Proceed to #4)
Wow, that's impressive. (Proceed to #5, required for a successful date)
The constant chill on your neck... (Proceed to #5)
You can make unlimited, free snowcones. (Proceed to #5)
Oh, finance? (Proceed to #6, recommended)
Cool. (Proceed to #6)
I'm studying finance, too. (Proceed to #7)
I'm pre-law. (Proceed to #7)
English. (Proceed to #7, required for a successful date)
Well, there's a caviar place nearby... (Proceed to #8
Why don't we just cut over to the beach... (Proceed to #8, required for a successful date)
Blueberry Ballsack (Proceed to #9)
Penis Red Raspberry (Proceed to #9)
Butter My Pecans (Proceed to #9)
That's Not Cum On My Mouth Vanilla (Proceed to #9)
Exploration Chocolate (Proceed to #9)
Seems Like A Good Idea When You're Drunk Butthole (Proceed to #9)
Firs Time Sriracha Swirl (Proceed to #9)
Oh that's nothing. (Proceed to #10)
I actually don't know... (Proceed to #10, required for a successful date)
Just my fish, Slurpy. (Proceed to #11, required for a successful date)
I'm more into collecting exotic animal trophies. (Proceed to #11)
I'm a horse guy. (Proceed to #11)
Obviously, with fancy names like that. (Proceed to #12)
Why not have more fun names? (Proceed to #12)
Champion stock? (Proceed to #12)
All of them. (Game Over)
I'm a big supporter of illiteracy. (Game Over)
Actually, I'm not in a great position... (Proceed to #13, required for a successful date)
Politely excuse yourself from date. (Game Over)
I mean, it's great that you have... (Proceed to #14)
Most people just want to get to know each other. (Proceed to #14)
This kind of changes things. (Game Over)
Well, Frankie, listen. (Proceed to #15)
Really? (Proceed to #16)
Hahaha! (Game Over)
Woah! (Proceed to #16)
Yeah, you're right. (Game Over)
I don't exactly have a whole... (Proceed to #17)
How about right now? (Proceed to #18)
Just take baby steps. (Proceed to #18)
I'll do it, too. (Proceed to #19, Unlocks CG#1)
Yeah, you're right. (Game Over)
Wipe the drooll... (Proceed to #20)
It's... (Proceed to #20)
Paltry, man. (Game Over)
I'm just trying to take mental notes here,... (Proceed to #21)
Can you show me that twirl again? (Proceed to #21)
No, no, no. (Game Over)
Yes, good. (Proceed to #22)
If my penis is any indication... (Proceed to #22)
Eh. (Game Over)
Voila! (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#2)
Okay I was trying to think... (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#2)