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Graham Coxburn is a recurring character in Alex's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Graham biochemistry professor at Orlin University. He is working on research project about cell metabolism and how it affects weight loss, attracting the interest of a lot companies.

He's very temperamental and usually curses at people who get in his way. He bullies Edwina into doing his grunt work and even into doing some shady things like spying on innocent people.


Graham feels threatened by Alex's presence after he starts to work in Orlin Unversity fearing he might lose his tenure to him and and uses Edwina to spy on the new professor.

After Edwina takes a picture of Mark and Alex nearly kissing, Graham attempts to have a the university launch an investigation on the faculty concerning teacher-student relationships, so he can get Alex fired or force him to quit, but is rebuffed by the universty's dean.

Next Graham writes a sensationalist article for the university's newspaper about predators in education to force the dean's hand into launching an investigation.

Graham nearly succeeds but Mark, after following and confronting Edwina, takes a picture of the fat mice who are proof of Graham's failed experiments and blackmails him into dropping the investigation on Alex.