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Jed Zhou is a potential love interest of Mark in Coming Out On Top.

Character Profile[]

Jed is a no-nonsense kind of guy, thinking everyone should be their genuine selves.  He is the lead singer, keyboardist, and song writer of the rising local punk-rock band The Dirty Loofahs. Jed is very dedicated to his music career and wants the band to be all it can be, but is not willing to compromise his beliefs and "sell out" the band's identity for a quick shot at success.

Jed works part-time delivering pizzas and often takes odd jobs to support his music career.

Jed initially comes across as somewhat direct and intimidating, having no problem at all being naked in public and having sex with complete strangers.

Towards the end of his romantic route, Jed is shown to be very sweet and caring towards Mark, a sharp contrast to his bad boy first impression.


Jed has dark brown eyes, long jet black hair he wears tied into a pony tail, and piercings on his left eyebrow and ears. He has a striped tattoo on his left arm and a brick pattern tattoo on the lower right arm. His musculature is lean and well-toned, with a slim waist.

When he is performing with his band he only wears red striped suspenders. He also wears a black, ripped sleeveless tee with a ivory necklace or white sleeveless tee with a blue cap.

During the church service and the piano competition he wears a suit, which he does not enjoy.


Mark is perturbed out of his night activities by loud noises coming from upstairs. He joins his roommates in the living room and Penny decides to confront their neighbor about the noise he's making. A little later a disturbed Penny comes back, having been unable to get their neighbor to turn down the noise. Mark then decides to confront the neighbor himself. He goes upstairs, knocks on the troublemaking neighbor's door and is shocked to see a fully naked man walk out. The man introduces himself and pretends to be expecting guests to a wild sex party he's hosting, asking Mark if he is Cumslut97. Mark convinces Jed to stop making loud noises, by either having sex with him or rebuffing him.

Next week on a Tuesday night, Mark's mind is filled with thoughts of his encounter with Jed. He goes to visit him again but who answers the door this time is Jed's older sister Sylvia. She notices Mark is erect and very angrily sends him packing.

Next Tuesday once again there are loud noises coming from upstairs and Mark is sent by his roommates to reason with Jed again. When he knocks on his neighbor's door a very pleased Jed answer. He says he's happy that Mark came see him again. Sylvia barges in on their conversation and Jed introduces her as his sister. She calls her brother inside to give him an earful and slams the door on Mark's face.

The next week Jed shows up unexpectedly at Mark's apartment. Jed offers Mark pizza and asks him out for a concert that Friday, which Mark accepts. That Friday at the concert venue, Jed approaches Mark, tells him to loosen up and have fun and reveals he is part of the band that's playing that evening, the Dirty Loofahs.

However very shortly after Jed gets on stage and the concert starts a heckler start insulting Jed. The heckler throws a bottle at Jed and he in return launches at him. More of the audience get involved in the fight and it turns into a huge brawl.

The police then shows up and everyone makes a run for it. While the crowd is evacuating Jed joins Mark and leads him to safety. They talk about the concert and Jed asks Mark what he thought of it. After the cops have gone away they return to the main stage where Mark is introduced to the other members of the Dirty Loofahs: Dart the bassist, Jade the guitarist and Vince the drummer. Vince chastises Jed for picking a fight with a member of the audience, being all around unprofessional and accuses him of dragging the band down. An embarrassed Jed says goodbye to Mark who returns home.

Next week Jed visits Mark again to invite him to a Dirty Loofahs concert. He talks about how this show is at a major club and how much of a big deal it is for the band. He hands Mark the wrong flier, about a church meeting, before correcting himself and handing Mark the right one.

Mark arrives at the venue early and meets Chandra a talent scout for Shaved Marmot, a record label. The shows starts and they watch it together.

The show goes well until same heckler as the previous concert starts causing trouble again.This time Jed doesn't engage him and instead attempts to lead crowd into a mass undressing. Mark is the first to follow his lead and inspires the rest of the crowd to the same. Soon afterwards the police show up and Mark is arrested along with the rest of the band sans Jed. They are bailed out of jail by Chandra who arranges a dinner meeting with the band to discuss a potential contract and gives everyone a lift home.

Next Monday Jed visits Mark, hands him a wad of cash and asks him to deliver it to the band tomorrow before their meeting with Chandra, because he doesn't want them to sing a contract. The next day Mark does as Jed asked but the band members are less than pleased about Jed's absence and secrecy.

Later that week Jed calls Mark and asks him to drive the band to a gig because their van broke down in the middle of the road. Mark arrives at the scene but shortly after the van catches fire and explodes, destroying all the band equipment and merchandise. Jed asks his band mates to trust that he'll turn the situation around but Vince refuses, claiming that their only option now is to sign a recording contract with Chandra.

Days later Sylvia shows up at Mark's apartment looking for her brother. Mark says he also hasn't seen him in a while and Sylvia apologizes for being rude to Mark on their previous encounters. Mark then remembers the church pamphlet Jed mistakenly gave him a few weeks ago and, following his intuition, drives to the church from the pamphlet to find Jed playing piano.

Mark says Sylvia has been looking all over for Jed and he explains himself. Jed says he's been living at the church for the past few days and using his position as the church's piano player to practice for a piano competition with a very big cash prize that will happen tomorrow.

The next day Mark interrupts the Dirty Loofahs meeting with Chandra, explains Jed's situation to the band and convinces them against signing a contract with Shaved Marmot.

Mark and the band leaves to attend the piano competition. Mark convenes with Jed on the bathroom, where Jed admits to be very nervous and Mark lends him his support. With Mark's help, Jed gains confidence and wins the competition.

With the prize money, the band start their own record label and release their first single, which becomes a hit. They soon explode in popularity and tour the globe, with Mark traveling along with his now boyfriend Jed.


I'm gay. (Proceed to #2)
I'm gay. High five! (Proceed to #2)
Uh, just a reminder. (Just pick one of the others for the sake of simplicity)
All right. (Starts Alex's route so for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
Eh. (Proceed to #3)
Fine, fine! (Starts Alex's route so for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
No. (Proceed to #4)
I bet it's nice... (Proceed to #5)
I wonder what your... (Proceed to #5)
I've got a lot on my mind... (Proceed to #5, recommended)
Borrow his lube. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Ew, are you kidding me? (Proceed to #6)
Whack off. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Sleep like an angel. (Proceed to #7, recommended)
HELLLOOO Professor. (Just pick the other for the sake of simplicity)
Meh. (Proceed to #8, recommended)
Penny! Enough with the orange photos! (Proceed to #9)
Please, can we beta test another time? (Proceed to #9)
NO. (Proceed to #10)
Okay, okay, OKAY!!! (Proceed to #10)
Sure, no prob. (Starts Ian's route so for the sake of simplicity pick the other)
No. (Proceed to #11)
I'm biding my time. (Proceed to #12)
I'm planning to tell them. (Proceed to #12, recommended)
Tell them. (Proceed to #13, recommended)
Oh, you know. (Proceed to #13)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center for extra cash. (Proceed to #14)
Get a head start start on term paper. (Proceed to #14)
Watch the Horror Movie... (Proceed to #14)
Beat off... (Proceed to #15)
Study... (Proceed to #15, recommended)
Can you guys handle this? (Ends Romance)
One of us should go... (Proceed to #16)
I thought you were high. (Proceed to #17)
Annoying, but I'm slowly getting over it. (Proceed to #17)
I didn't like you at all. (Proceed to #17)
I thought you were hot. (Proceed to #17)
You need to relax, Ian.(Proceed to #17)
Well, it's after hours. (Ends Romance)
Fine, fine, I'll go. (Proceed to #18)
Whoaaa, look, I live downstairs. (Proceed to #19)
Huh? Oh, riiight. That's me, Cumslut97! (Proceed to #26)
I'm not joining your circle of perverts, okay? (Proceed to #30)
Listen, if you don't keep the noise down, I'm calling the cops. (Proceed to #30)
All right, good try. You're not fooling anybody. (Proceed to #20, path to unlock CG#2)
Did you s-s-say room for one more? (Proceed to #21, path to unlock CG#2)
Ha! Interrogate? (Proceed to #30)
Yes, I'm ready to test whether my hypotheses are true. (Proceed to #21)
Look, I'll have you know. (Proceed to #22)
Come on, I know what Bukkake is. (Proceed to #22)
Well, not entirely. Is it like a potluck? (Proceed to #30)
I see where this is going... (Proceed to #30)
Well um, technically the "star" needs to be be naked. (Proceed to #23)
If you're the "star," you need to be naked (Proceed to #24, path to unlock CG#1)
Well, if you're the "star,"... (Proceed to #25)
Ok, I am NOT playing this game, pervert. (Proceed to #30)
Show him by stripping off your clothes. (Proceed to #25)
Ok, I'm not playing this perverted game. (Proceed to #30)
Uh, yeah. You'd get on the floor, on your knees. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#1)
You cum on my face. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
Cum on my face, motherfucker. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
Tilt your face towards his cock, open your mouth, and wait. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
Do nothing. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
Sure. We can make this a two man party. (Proceed to #27)
Bukkake party! (Proceed to #30)
This is a mistake. I'm leaving. (Proceed to #30)
Get naked. (Proceed to #28)
What the fuck?! (Proceed to #30)
Kneel. (Proceed to #29)
Give me that fucking cum. (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
As a polite gesture, I'd appreciate... (Proceed to #30, unlocks CG#2)
God, FINE! (Starts Phil's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
You know who loves getting up... (Proceed to #31, recommended)
Accept the job. (Starts Brad's route, which can later be stopped, but for the sake of simplicity pick the other.)
Tell her no. (Proceed to #32)
Oh god! (Proceed to #33, recommended)
Thanks for listening, Slurpy. (Proceed to #33)
All right, all right. (Proceed to #35, recommended)
Are you done with armchair psychologizing? (Proceed to #34)
No thanks. (Proceed to #36)
GAWD, FINE! (Proceed to #35)
A couple laps at the pool sound refreshing. (Proceed to #36)
Work up a sweat on the treadmill. (Proceed to #36)
Exercise? (Proceed to #36)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #37)
Get some extra studying done. (Proceed to #37)
Accompany Ian and Penny to... (Proceed to #37)
Fine, fine... (Proceed to #38)
I'm not interested... (Proceed to #38)
Stop thinking about that lunatic and go to sleep. (Ends Romance)
To hell with it. Go upstairs. (Proceed to #39)
Fine, fine. (Proceed to #40)
Not gonna happen. (Proceed to #41)
You're here for a purpose... (Proceed to #41)
Maybe see... (Proceed to #41)
Hit the treadmill. (Proceed to #41)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #42)
Get some extra studying done. (Proceed to #42)
Invite Ian and Penny to the beach... (Proceed to #42)
Head over to Jed's (Proceed to #43)
Refuse. (Ends Romance)
Sure. I'd like that. (Proceed to #44)
Sorry. I have a lot going on that night. (Ends Romance)
Throw your hands in the air... (Proceed to #45)
Order another drink and try to avoid losing an eye. (Proceed to #45)
Close your eyes, bow your head... (Proceed to #45)
That is so true. (Proceed to #46)
That is so not true. (Proceed to #46)
Well, it's different. (Proceed to #47)
Ohmygod it was great!. (Proceed to #47)
I'll be honest, you guys need work. (Proceed to #47)
Uh, I'm not a big fan of this genre. (Proceed to #47)
I liked it. (Proceed to #47)
No! The cops are right below us! (Proceed to #48)
You're right. Just keep going. (Proceed to #48, unlocks CG#3)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #49)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #49)
Since you promised the old lady... (Proceed to #49)
I'm starved. (Proceed to #50)
No thanks, I'm good. (Proceed to #50)
I'm hungry for something other than pizza. (Proceed to #50, unlocks #51)
Sounds awesome. I'd love to. (Proceed to #52, or #51 if you chose the last option before)
Gosh. Sorry. (Ends Romance)
Depends. (Proceed to #52; or #51 if you chose the last option before)
I get extra pepperoni. (Proceed to #52)
Gee, I guess I get a dick in my mouth. (Proceed to #52)
Oh, I know Jed, the lead singer. (Proceed to #53)
Physically alone, I may be. (Proceed to #53, recommended)
Who are the Dirty Loofahs? I'm here for the Beebs. (Proceed to #53)
Remove your clothes. (Proceed to #54)
Keep your clothes on. (Ends Romance)
Stare ahead blankly. (Proceed to #55)
Smile like a champ. (Proceed to #55)
Flip off the officer and yell... (Ends Game)
Say nothing. (Proceed to #56)
You're bitching way too much about this. (Proceed to #56)
I'm—I'm not his fanboy! (Proceed to #56)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #57)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #57)
Treat Penny to a dinner... (Proceed to #57)
Okay, I'll deliver the money to the band. (Proceed to #59)
(Lie) Okay, I'll deliver the money to the band. (Ends Romance)
I'm not your errand boy, Jed. (Proceed to #58)
I really think you should go yourself. (Proceed to #58)
I've got stuff to do. (Ends Romance)
Fine. But this is the last time! (Proceed to #59)
He did have me deliver some money... (Proceed to #60)
Nothing, never mind. (Proceed to #60)
You know, he might seem a little nuts... (Proceed to #61)
It's not like that. (Proceed to #61)
Sounds like you need help. I'm on my way. (Proceed to #63)
I'm sorry man. That's pretty far. (Ends Romance)
You know, I'm starting to get the feeling... (Proceed to #62)
Jed, if you can't be honest... (Ends Romance)
I'll pick you up. (Proceed to #63)
Since no one else is willing to do it... (Proceed to #64)
Kick his ass. (Proceed to #64)
Say nothing. (Proceed to #64)
What's your problem, Vince? (Proceed to #64)
I'll keep an eye out for him. (Ends Romance)
I'll see what I can do to help. (Proceed to #65)
7th Day Adventist. (Ends Romance)
8th Presbyterian. (Proceed to #66)
9th Baptist. (Ends Romance)
10th Zoroastrianist. (Ends Romance)
11th Satanist. (Ends Romance)
Attend church. (Proceed to #67)
No way. (Ends Romance)
Yeah, those guys are hilarious. (Proceed to #68)
The Stooges? Wow, really? (Proceed to #68)
Those dudes were legend for a reason. (Proceed to #68)
Is that really so bad though? (Proceed to #69)
They've got connections and resources. (Proceed to #69)
You gotta do whatever makes this worth it for you. (Proceed to #69)
Tutor at the Student Learning Center... (Proceed to #70)
Get some studying done. (Proceed to #70)
Accompany Ian... (Proceed to #70)
Go to the band meeting,... (Proceed to #71)
Go to the competition and support Jed. (Proceed to #72, one of two options necessary for the bad ending and locks out CGs#7-9)
We've got some real pressing issues here. (Proceed to #72, path to unlock CGs#7-9)
You guys can't kick Jed out. (Proceed to #72, one of two options necessary for the bad ending and locks out CGs#7-9)
Give him a pep talk. (Proceed to #73, path to unlock CG#6, and necessary for the romantic ending and unlocking CGs#8-9 if the bandmates join you)
Kiss him. (Proceed to #75, necessary for the sexual ending and unlocking CGs#7-8 if the bandmates join you)
You should really channel... (Ends Romance)
Kiss him harder. (Proceed to #74)
Enter a stall. (Proceed to #75)
Um, I don't think I'm up for this. (Ends Romance)
Top him. (Proceed to Ending, unlocks CG#5)
Bottoms up (Proceed to Ending, unlocks CG#4)
CG#6 unlocked after competition if pep talk was chosen in #72
CG#7-9 require the bandmates to join you at Jed's recital (go to band meeting, mention Vince's "crabs"), and to have sex with Jed before his recital.
CG#8 (final night) is unlocked along with CG#7 (sexual ending) or CG#9 (romantic ending).
Regardless of whether you give the pep talk or not, if the bandmates do not join you, then the bad ending is achieved where the band splits up and CGs#7-9 remain locked, even if CGs#4-6 have been unlocked.



Sylvia is Jed's older sister by a few years. She often visits to check up on her younger brother just to make sure he's still breathing. She's not a huge fan of his lifestyle or how flaky he can act, and the two do get into fights. Regardless, she does care for him and worries when he goes missing.


Penny was the first person to meet Jed to complain about the noise, but found out first hand about his habit of being naked. Penny didn't press the noise issue further afterward. Jed refers to her amicably as "Purplelady," while Penny refers to Jed as "T-Rex Tuesday" due to making noise every Tuesday night.


  • Jed's of Taiwanese descent.
  • He prefers going commando to wearing underwear.
  • He is a fan of the American rock band The Stooges.
  • Jed plays classical piano and won many awards and medals in his younger days.
  • He is uncircumcised.