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Jesse and Hugh are a bonus date available for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Jesse and Hugh are a pair of twin brother paramedics. They are both tall, burly, muscular white men with blonde hair and very round faces. They have a track record of patients dying under their care and crashing the ambulance. Of the two Hugh is the more reserved, down to earth one and Jesse is the crazy, perverted one.


Mark decides to enjoy his time alone in the apartment and masturbate, however Slurpy's constant "staring" perturbs him. Mark decides to smoke weed and get high to improve his wank session. Mark blacks out and when he wakes up again he realizes he inserted Slurpy in his ass.

Mark calls 911 and they send of paramedics over. Mark blackouts again and when he wakes up he is in the ambulance being taken to the hospital. The paramedics introduce themselves as Hugh and Jesse. They use a vacuum to remove Slurpy from Mark's ass, who remains miraculously alive. Mark has sex with the twins before being dropped of home.

Later Ian enters Mark's room to congratulate his roommate on finally smoking the weed he gave him last Christmas and wonders why Slurpy is staring at Mark.


Mark initiates the date by choosing "Play with yourself"
Get the vacuum. (Game Over)
Take a laxative and try to poop him out. (Game Over)
Call 911. (Proceed to #2)
Shake you head no. (Game Over)
Nod your head yes. (Proceed to #3)
Nod and agree to let Jesse be your patient advocate. (Proceed to #4, path to unlock CG#1)
Oh hell no. Shake your head no. (Proceed to #4, path to unlock CG#2)
Nod, hell yes. (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#1 if picked the first option before and CG#2 if picked the second)
Shake your head, hell no. (Game Over)