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Knutson is a recurring character in Phil's route on Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Knutson is a marine freshly out of bootcamp and colleague of Phil. He is always together with his friend and fellow marine Zelinski. The pair loves to antagonize and attempt to rile Phil up.

It's heavily implied that Knutson is a closeted, self-hating gay man as he taunts Phil with "I bet you'd like to have sex with me" scenarios that get a little too detailed various times.


Knutson has a tall and muscular physique with platinum blonde hair. He wears a purple floral shirt.


Knutson first appear with Zelinski at the night club Violet ran into the night she was supposed to go to a ballet concert. Him and Zelinski flirt with Violet and tease Phil for being in a club when he was supposed to be helping his father's campaign.

Later the pair appears at the sports bar Phil likes to attend. They invite him and Mark to go out and pick up girls accuse him of being gay and harass him.

Weeks later they attend the Walkers fundraising party for Donald, having been invited by Violet.