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Luke is a Brofinder date for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Luke is an Irish rugby player. He recently moved from Waterford, in Ireland, to Orlin, in America to attend Orlin University, where he is part of the varsity team. Due to having moved recently and not knowing anyone in Orlin, Luke feels a little lonely and is looking to make friends.


Luke is very muscular, with broad shoulders and massive thighs as he regularly works out his legs for playing rugby. He has a masculine face with light blue eyes and short dark brown hair. He wears a simple orange v-neck shirt and gray sweat shorts.


Mark can initiate Luke's date on Brofinder. Luke's profile says he is looking to "Streamflix and Chill", a euphemism for casual sex.

Mark goes over to the fraternity Luke lives in and is greeted by him at the door. Luke says he's glad Mark came over and that they'll be watching a movie called While I Sleep, about a narcoleptic rugby player.

Despite not being enthused about the movie Mark follows Luke inside. The boys sit on the couch and talk for a bit. Luke says he's recently moved from Ireland and that he joined the fraternity after being asked because he wants to "open himself to new things". Mark says is a great attitude to have.

Luke starts up While I Sleep and through the rest of the date, seems way more into the movie than into Mark, ignoring his advances. A frustrated Mark rationalizes Luke's behavior as not being comfortable with him yet, and decides to take things slow.

When Luke complains about soreness, Mark offers to give him a massage which Luke accepts. After the massage is done Mark grows confident that Luke is finally reciprocating his advances and attempts to kiss him.

A shocked Luke moves away and asks Mark what was he thinking. Mark explains he the purpose of Brofinder and that he thought they were on a date. Luke, on the other hand, explains that he thought Brofinder was an app meant to find like-minded bros to hang out. The boys clear the misunderstanding and laugh at the awkward situation.

Mark decides to leave since there's no actual date but just when he is about to leave, Luke asks him to stay and watch the rest of the movie.

The boys return to the couch and resume watching the movie. After the movie is over Luke admits the whole situation with Mark has made him horny, and he's open to experimenting with him. Mark then gives him a blowjob.

After the blowjob, Luke compliments Mark on his dick sucking and says he's open to meeting with Mark again and trying out different things.


Luke's date is rather simple. There are only two CGs available and they can be both unlocked on the same playthrough.