Luke is a Brofinder date for Mark.

Character Summary

Luke is a recent Irish immigrant and a rugby player. He recently moved from Waterford, in Ireland, to Orlin, in America. He attends Orlin University where he is a part of the university's varsity team. Due to having moved recently and not knowing anyone in Orlin, Luke feels a little lonely and is looking to make friends.


Luke is very muscular, with broad shoulders and massive thighs as he regularly works out his legs for playing rugby. He has a masculine face with light blue eyes and short dark brown hair. He wears a simple orange v-neck shirt and sweatpants.


Mark can initiate Luke's date on Brofinder. Luke profile says he is looking for "Streamflix and Chill" an euphemism for casual sex.

They arrange to meet the next day. Mark goes to the fraternity Luke lives in and is greeted by him at the door. Luke says he's glad Mark came over and they'll be watching a movie called While I Sleep, about Goff, a narcoleptic rugby player who struggles to overcome his disability and lead his collegiate team to the national championship.

A less then thrilled Mark follows Luke inside. The boys sit on the couch to watch the movie. Mark remarks how cold the room and Luke grabs a blanket for them to share. Through the whole date, Luke seems way more into the movie than into Mark. A frustrated Mark takes things slow, thinking Luke's just shy. When Luke complains about soreness,Mark offers to give him a massage which Luke accepts. And when time seems right Mark attempts to kiss him.

Luke shakes him off and asks what was the kiss about. Mark explains he thought they were on a date, and then Luke realizes that due to cultural differences, he mistook "Streamflix and chill" as just hanging out to watch a movie instead of hooking up. Luke also thought Brofinder was an app meant to find like-minded bros to hang out. The boys clear the misunderstanding and laugh it off. Mark decides to leave since there's no actual date but just when he is about to leave, Luke asks him to stay and watch the rest of the movie.

The boys return to the couch and resume watching the movie. After the movie is over Luke admits the whole situation with Mark has made him horny, and Mark offers to give him a blowjob beneath the blanket because Luke's frat mates might intrude on them, which they do depending on Mark's choices. After the blowjob, Mark leaves and Luke asks him if they could meet again, ending the date on a sweet note.


Go on a date with Luke. (Proceed to #2)
Not interested. (Ends date)
Nice accent. (Proceed to #3, recommended)
Your accent… (Proceed to #3)
I literally ran over here. (Proceed to #3)
That’s a great attitude. (Proceed to #4, necessary for sex scene)
I don’t know about. (Proceed to #4)
What? No. Just thinking. (Proceed to #5)
I’m just impressed by your freakin' thighs. (Proceed to #5)
Flirtatiously touch Luke’s thigh. (Proceed to #5)
Do nothing. (Proceed to #5, recommended)
Cheer. (Proceed to #6)
Touch Luke flirtatiously. (Game Over)
Do nothing. (Proceed to #6, recommended)
Looks brutal. (Proceed to #15, only leads to Game Overs)

Offer to give a massage. (Proceed to #7)


Cue the waterworks. (Proceed to #15, only leads to Game Overs)

Lean in and kiss him. (Proceed to #8)

Roll your eyes. (Proceed to #14, only leads to Game Overs)

Say nothing. (Proceed to #15, only leads to Game Overs)

No thanks… (Game Over)
Sure, why not. (Proceed to #9)
Fucking hell yes! (Proceed to #10)
It was alright. (Proceed to #10)
Seriously? (Game Over)
Well, hmm, I could help you with that. (Proceed to #11)
All right. (Proceed to #12, Unlocks CG#1)
I’ll have to take a rain check. (Game Over)
Grin and keep up the good work. (Proceed #13)
Glare in disaproval. (Proceed to #13)
Reassure him it's fine. (Date Successful, Unlocks CG#2 afterwards)
Yeah, it's just my head, after all. (Date Sucessful, Unlocks CG#2 afterwards)
Kiss him. (Game Over)
So we can fuck! (Game Over)
I no longer know. (Game Over)
Nod. (Proceed to #16)
What’s a grubber kick? (Proceed to #16)
Yeah, totally. (Proceed to #16)
Go in for the hug, anyway. (Game Over)
Stick to the high five. (Game Over)
Just sit there. (Game Over)


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