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Molly is a minor character from Ian's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Molly is one the two girls who appear at the frat party Mark and Ian attend. She is majoring in Russian literature. Molly says that the reason only that she and Holly are friends is because Holly is a less hot version of her.


Molly has long, wavy brunette hair with grey eyes. She wears a yellow tube dress.


Mark meets Molly along with her best friend Holly at a frat party Ian convinced him to attend. Acting as a wingman for Ian, Mark attempts to impress the pair with little success. However that changes when Ian appears and kisses Mark without warning. The girls become impressed and horny and ask the boys to take them to their place.

Once at the boys apartment, Holly leaves with Ian to his room to have sex and Molly attempts unsuccessfully to seduce Mark. Getting bored with Mark she leaves for Ian's room where she has a threesome with him and her friend.


  • According to Holly her real name is Margaret