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Oz is one-half of a Brofinder date available for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Oz is a short, muscular African-American man. He works as a sound tech at a talk radio station, KLOL.

He and his partner of two years Pete moved to Palm Valley from the East Coast. They met three years ago after Oz emailed him to ask when/if Pete was going to finish his erotic superhero web comic.

Oz is a guitarist and part of a band he formed named, A Gathering of Fine Gentlemen. They play funked out pop-rock with heavy jazz influences, mixed with a death metal and a trap twist.

Oz has a double penetration fantasy and he's uncut. Of the pair, he is more unsure about the idea of having a threesome and has reservations until the end of the date.


Mark contacts Oz & Pete's joint Brofinder account. He is asked by one of them, which Mark assumes to be Oz, if he has the required experience. As a test, Mark's contact asks for him to talk dirty and pretend to cuckold him. Mark impresses "Oz" well enough and they then arrange a date.                                                                                         

Mark arrives at the designated place for the date, the gay club Thumper's, and meets Oz. Being way too excited about the idea of a threesome Mark talks dirty to a startled Oz making him excuse himself and leave. Pete then appears, introduces himself, and Mark explains what just happened to him. Pete says he was the one Mark was talking to on Brofinder, not Oz. Pete brings his boyfriend back and they all laugh the misunderstanding off. Pete and Oz go on about how it's important to communicate and how open and honest their relationship is.

Oz excuses himself to the restroom and Mark follows him. They talk and it becomes apparent things aren't as peachy as he and his boyfriend made it seem. They rejoin Pete and go to dance floor, the three boys dance for a while until Oz and Pete go to different places. Mark follows Oz to the bar and he admits he has reservations about having a threesome. Oz also says he is not completely opposed to the idea, as he has a sexual fantasy he can only realize with a third person. Mark reassure him by telling a weird fetish of his own and they return to dance floor with Pete. They start to make out on the dance floor and decide to continue it home. The boys go to Oz & Pete's house where Oz admits to Mark he would like to double penetrate someone along with Pete. Mark volunteers to be penetrated and the boys have a threesome.


I'll be ready for whatever comes my way. (Proceed to #2)
Never mind. This sounds like a lot of work for a threesome. (Game Over)
Cuckolding? (Proceed to #3)
Your cooking sucks. (Proceed to #3, provides the "Cookolding" achievement on Steam)
Quickly look up the definition of cuckolding. (Proceed to #3)
Wait for them to return. (Proceed to #4)
Try to meet someone else... (Game Over)
Hang out with Pete at the bar. (Proceed to #5, path to unlock CG#1)
Follow Oz to the restroom. (Proceed to #7, path to unlock CG#2)
It seems like a very disturbing thing to be into. (Proceed to #9, path to Game Over)
I don't fully understand it myself... (Proceed to #9)
*raise hand shyly* (Proceed to #6)
I've never tried it. (Proceed to #9)
Oh, that's actually one of my fantasies. (Proceed to #6)
I'd love to be the bull. (Proceed to #9)
I'd love to be cucked. (Proceed to #9)
If I had a boyfriend... (Proceed to #9)
I hope everything is ok? (Proceed to #8)
Just do your business (Proceed to #9, path to Game Over)
Is there something I'm doing wrong? (Proceed to #9)
Reassure Oz by kissing him. (Proceed to #9, path to Game Over)
Follow Pete to the restroom. (Proceed to #11 for path to CG#1 if the first choice was not picked in #5, Game Over otherwise)
Follow Oz to the bar. (Proceed to #10 for path to CG#2 if the first choice was picked in #8, Game Over otherwise)
Tell Oz an embarrassing fetish of yours. (Proceed to #11, necessary for a successful date)
There's no need to be embarrassed. (Proceed to #11, path to Game Over)
Flirt with Oz. (Proceed to #12 for the path to CG#1 or for the path to CG#2 if the first choice was picked in #10, Game Over otherwise)
Flirt with Pete. (Game Over)
Lead the way. (Proceed to #13 on the route for CG#1, proceed to #14 on the route for CG#2)
No thanks. (Game Over)
Good. (Date Successful, unlocks CG#1)
Your original plan is better. (Game Over)
If you need a volunteer. (Date Successful, unlocks CG#2)
I'm sorry, but that's just not gonna happen. (Game Over)


  • He is one-half of the eighth Brofinder date available.