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Roman is a minor character from Brad's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Roman is a football player who lives in the same frat house as Brad and Beau. He is very aggressive and quick to anger. According to Daisy, he sent the previous kicker to the hospital after breaking three of his ribs while playing slaps.

Roman likes Daisy and is very angry when she stops tutoring at the frat house.


Roman has a tall, muscular build with tanned skin and short, spiky black hair. He wears a red hoodie that is unzipped and a beaded necklace.


Roman is the first person Mark meets when he responds to the tutoring gig at the frat house. Because of a misunderstanding on Mark's part about who he was going to tutor, Roman threatens to beat him up. He then laughs the threat off as a joke, but later still says he shouldn't be messed with.

After Mark convinces Brad to study, thereby impressing Beau, Roman confronts Mark about Daisy's disappearance from the frat house. But Beau interrupts him.

Later in the route he corners Mark again. He wants to beat Mark up because he thinks Brad has been having sex with Daisy and Mark has been covering for him. As he is about to hit Mark, Brad comes down the stairs and clears up the misunderstanding. Brad explains to Roman he hasn't been having sex with Daisy and that he doesn't even like girls. Roman then apologizes for the violent threats and leaves.

Roman's last appearance is at Mark's and his roommates' end of semester celebration. He shows up along with Daisy, who he is now dating.