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Slurpy is a recurring character in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Slurpy is Mark's pet gold fish, bought one day before the start of the game.


If Mark fails to socialize with people and instead spends time with Slurpy, he will eventually go mad from lack of socialization and hallucinate that Slurpy is talking to him.

The Slurpy hallucination tells Mark to blow up his friends with a mobile-phone detonator and Ian's bottle of lube, which he fails to do. After the bombing attempt, a very concerned Penny decides it's time to flush Slurpy down the toilet. However, this doesn't put an end to Mark's madness as afterwards he has a hallucination that a now much bigger Slurpy climbs out of the toilet and has sex with him.

On the other hand, if Mark decides to "protect" his friends, he will instead murder Slurpy by eating him alive. This will result in a hallucination in which a humanoid coat-wearing Slurpy shoots him with a gun.