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Sylvia is a recurring character from Jed's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Sylvia Zhou is Jed's older sister. She loves her brother and often visits him to "make sure he's still breathing". She doesn't think much of Jed's frequent fuck buddies and bohemian life style She works as a full time bartender.


Sylvia has short black hair which is shaved on the right side of her head. She wears a grey and green streaked top and has piercings on her right ear.


Mark first meets Sylvia at Jed's apartment when he attempts to visit him again. However Jed isn't home and Sylvia answers the door. She notices Mark's erection, and yells at him, calling him a pervert, causing Mark to go back home in embarrassment.

Mark meets Sylvia a second time when he visits Jed's apartment again. She acts rude towards him again, but this time Jed is there and he introduces his sister to Mark.

Later Sylvia shows up at Mark's apartment and asks him if he knows about Jed's whereabout after her brother goes missing for a few days. Sylvia admits she misjudged Mark and apologizes to him.