Theo is a Brofinder date available for Mark.

Character SummaryEdit

Theo Matapang is a successful and wealthy video game developer. Theo created a profile to hire someone who can fit his ex-boyfriend's suit and attend his 10th high school reunion with him.

Appearance Edit

Theo is a thin young adult of medium height, with black hair and light brown skin. He wears a thick rimmed glasses and a dark grey layered suit with a blue tie.


Mark checks Theo's profile on Brofinder where he is asking for a date with very specific body proportions. After some deliberation Mark decides to contact Theo and he explains he needs someone to accompany him to his high school reunion party and they have fit the proportions of a tuxedo. He is even willing to pay for a companion. Mark decides to accompany him and Theo arrives at his apartment to pick him up. Once he arrives Penny and Ian intrude on him and Mark, and Penny recognizes him as Theo Matapang, video game developer and tech mogul.

Mark changes into the tuxedo Theo brought for him and they depart for the reunion party. On their way, Theo explains himself further. He says he wants Mark to pretend to be his boyfriend and help him rub on his former classmates' noses who used to bully him how successful he is now. Theo came up with his plan last second after his ex broke up with him one week before the reunion.

The boys arrive at the reunion and are received by Ms McFadden, Theo's horny, improper, former teacher. Theo asks to be seated with Keith, Crystal and Jimbo, the judging committee for the night's titles, such as Least Changed and Most Successful, who Mark and Theo aim to impress. Ms McFadden obliges.

Theo and Mark make their way to table but before they can properly talk Ms McFadden takes Theo on a dance letting Mark do to the talking on his own. Mark can either tell outrageous lies or reasonable ones.

If Mark told unreasonable lies the committee dismisses him and declares Theo the Least Changed. This upsets Theo to the point he rants to the three about how wealthy and successful he is. Mark defuses the situation by pretending to be a stripper and grinding on Theo. If Mark told convincing lies the committee declares the both the Most Changed and Most Successful.

Either way, the boys return to the car after the event ends. Theo admits he was stupid to try and impress, and doesn't actually care about what they think of him. The boys drive to Theo's hotel room and have sex. After it, Theo promises to see Mark again if he is ever in New York City.


Hi. How is it going? (Proceed to #2)
Not only am I attractive,... (Proceed to #2)
There was once a man from Nantucket... (Game Over)
Dear Sir... (Game Over)
Sure, it means hot. (Game Over)
It means charming. (Game Over)
It means knowledgeable. (Proceed to #3)
It's something you do to words... (Game Over)
I'll take it. (Proceed to #5)
Make it a grand,.. (Proceed to #4)
I don't think that will be necessary. (Proceed to #5)
No thanks. (Game Over)
Four hundred sounds good. (Proceed to #5)
Five hundred or nothing because I'll be your hype man. (Proceed to #5)
I don't think that's the way... (Proceed to #6)
Well, yeah. (Game Over)
Game on. (Proceed to #6)
You know, that's pretty harsh. (Proceed to #7, necessary to unlock CG#2)
I don't know if you'd call an act... (Proceed to #7, necessary to unlock CG#3)
I'm getting my PhD in Biotechnology. (Proceed to #8, necessary to unlock CG#2)
I'm a bounty hunter. (Proceed to #8, necessary to unlock CG#3)
It's like any good relationship... (Proceed to #19, necessary to unlock CG#2)
To be completely honest with you,... (Proceed to #16 necessary to unlock CG#3)
I'm not sure I could adequately... (Proceed to #9)
I would never give him up. (Proceed to #9)
He's my everything and then some. (Proceed to #17)
I would never let him down. (Proceed to #11)
Yes it is. (Delayed Gem Over)
I would never run around, or desert him. (Proceed to #12)
Maybe Keith doesn't love you that much. (Delayed Game Over)
I would never make him cry. (Proceed to #12)
I concur. (Delayed Game Over)
Or say goodbye. (Proceed to #13)
Not that there's anything wrong with a good cry. (Delayed Game Over)
I would never lie to him. (Proceed to #15)
In that case, I guess I would. (Delayed Game Over)
Or hurt him. (Proceed to #16)
Yeah, well... (Delayed Game Over)
Or hurt him. (Delayed Game Over)
Yeah, well... (Delayed Game Over)
I've been completely honest the whole time. (Game Over)
Shrug. (Game Over)
A lunatic. (Proceed to #18)
Wait, you paid for a night. (Proceed to #19)
All right. (Game Over)
Yes, sir. (Date Successful, unlocks either CG#2 or CG#3 depending on prior choices)
NO, you address ME as sir. (Proceed to #21)
Whatevah. (Game Over)
Awww, do I have to? (Proceed to #20)
I see. (Date Successful, unlocks either CG#2 or CG#3 depending on prior choices)
Oh hell no. (Game Over)
I'm going to abuse... (Proceed to #22)
I'm going to inject... (Proceed to #22, Game Over after #23)
I'm going to destroy that hole now. (Proceed to #23)
Looks like you need a hotdog... (Proceed to #23, Game Over after #23)
That's right... (Date Successful, unlocks CG#1)
I need your hole perpendicular... (Game Over, unlocks CG#1)


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