The following is Mark's story timeline in Coming Out On Top. Note that Brofinder dates are not included as the dates are not specified in the actual storyline.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Mark comes out to Penny and Ian.

Alex: Penny takes Mark to Charlie's and he meets Alex.

First Anatomy class with Alex.

Alex: Later Alex and Mark have a conversation in Alex's office.

Phil: Penny asks Mark to hangout with Phil.

Ian: Ian asks Mark to be at the apartment while Zoe drops off his things.

Mark receives a phone call from his mother.
Jed: Mark hears a noise from the upstairs apartment. Confronts Jed. Phil: Penny asks Mark to pick up Phil at the airport.

First Exam

Brad: Mark receives a phone call for a tutoring job.

Brad: First tutoring class with Brad. Brad offers Mark to write his term papers. Alex: Mark's dream sequence with Alex.

Ian asks Mark to go to the gym.

Alex: Mark meets Alex and plays a round of racquetball.

Alex: Anatomy class with Alex, when Mark cannot seem to focus.

Penny tells Mark about Brofinder.

Jed: Mark goes to Jed's apartment but finds his sister Sylvia. Phil: Penny invites Mark to her uncle's fundraising dinner. Brad: Mark receives a message to tutor Brad again. Mark meets Daisy during the tutoring session. Phil: Mark attends Phil's father's fundraising dinner. Mark meets the Walkers including Violet.

Ian tells Mark to go to gym alone.

Alex: Mark accidentally hurts Alex during the racquetball match.

Mark and Alex share a kiss and Mark notices they were being spied on.

Alex: After the Anatomy class, Alex tells Mark that he cannot pursue the relationship further.

Graham barges in Alex's office.

Jed: Mark confronts Jed for the noise again.

Alex: Mark tells Penny and Ian about Alex. Penny and Mark are deciding to investigate the situation.

Ian: Ian invites Mark for a frat party.

Alex: Penny has a lead about Graham.

Brad: After Brad's tutoring session, Beau decided to hire Mark for the rest of the semester.

Phil: Mark receives a phone call from Phil and inviting him to a ballet concert.

Oral Presentation

Ian: Ian and Mark attend the frat party and share a kiss. Ian then has a threesome with Molly and Holly.

Phil: Mark and Phil goes to the ballet concert with Violet but ended up in a nightclub. They meet Zelinski and Knutson.

Ian: Penny confronts Ian about the threesome. Ian offers to be Mark's wingman at the bar.
Midterm Week Alex: Alex is late for his Anatomy class and rants erratically.

Phil texted Mark to go for a swim.

Jed: Jed delivers pizza to Mark's apartment and invited him to see his gig. Mark tries out the Brofinder app. Brad: Brad finishes his first draft of the essay Ian: Ian and Mark head to Charlie's. Ian's attempt to be Mark's wing man failed. After an awkward kiss, Ian stops talking to Mark.

Jed: Mark attends Jed's gig but ended with a fight.

Alex: Penny finds an article written by Graham.

Penny and Mark decides to track on Edwina.

Ian: Penny says she found the perfect birthday present for Ian.

Phil: Mark and Phil swim at the beach.

Term Paper Due Alex: Alex decided to not teach his usual lecture.

Mark and Alex talk about Graham and Alex considers resigning from Orlin.

Ian: Ian avoids Mark whenever possible.

Jed: Jed visited Mark and tells him that the band has booked a show in a club. Alex: Ian and Penny spot Edwina in JoJo's.

Mark and Penny follow her and catch Edwina in the biochemistry lab.

They confiront Graham and get him to drop his investigation on Alex.

Brad: Brad announces his good grades for his first paper. Brad relieves himself after watching Daisy's raunchy video.

Phil: Phil texted Mark and invited him to a sports bar.

Brad: Beau walks into Brad and Mark when they are kissing.

Ian: Mark finds Ian drunk and takes him to his room.

Phil: Phil and Mark are at the sports bar and bump into Zelinski and Knutson.

Jed: Chandra watched the show and then Jed caused a riot. Mark along with the Dirty Loofahs are arrested.

Brad: Beau fires Mark from tutoring Brad.

Ian: Penny bought the gift for Ian.

Alex: Alex resumes his usual class. Alex told Mark that the investigation upon him has been called off.

Brad: Mark shares his situation to Penny and Ian.

Ian: Penny and Mark celebrated Ian's birthday. Ian announces that he is going to Vegas with Zoe.

Jed: Jed tells Mark that he will not be in the meeting and hands Mark some money

Ian: Mark spends the night alone doing school work.

Jed: Jed's band is not happy when Jed was absent from the meeting.

Brad: Mark and Penny bump into Brad in front of JoJo's but Brad ignored him. Ian: Ian is packing to go to Vegas. Penny asked Mark to return the gift to the store.

Phil: Phil called Mark and told him that he is spending time with Violet.

Jed: Jed called Mark for help when their van broke down.

Ian: Mark bumps into Zoe when he returns the gift. Mark visits Zoe and discovered Ian in her loft.

Phil: Phil and Mark met Violet at the art museum but she decided to take a bus ride to a liqueur store. They then take her to the sports bar during trivia night. Phil spent a night at the apartment.

Finals Week

Jed: Sylvia asks Mark for her brother's whereabouts. Mark decided to a church to find Jed.

Alex: Mark sits for the finals and impresses Alex by finishing it quickly.

Jed: Jed played the piano at a competition.

Brad: Mark hands Brad his essay outline.

Brad tells Mark that he has not done his final paper and they decide to stay up late to finish it.

Brad: Brad finishes his paper on time. Mark and Brad have sex after that.

Phil: Mark is invited to Phil's father campaign dinner.

Ian: Ian comes out to Penny and Mark the same way Mark did.
Graduation Alex: Mark texts Alex to meet up.

Brad: Brad thanks Mark for his help.

Ian: Penny meets an app developer. Ian and Mark reconcile.

Phil: Phil dropped by at the college row to see Mark, Penny and Ian.

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