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Tommy, though he goes by Thomas professionally, is Brofinder date available for Mark.

Character Summary[]

Tommy is a six-foot six, prosecutor for Orlin County. In his free time he likes working out, reading and cooking. He's quite an accomplished amateur chef. He graduated from law school five years ago. He's a man of his word. Tommy is very well hung.


Mark contacts Tommy on Brofinder and they schedule a date on the Casa Paella, a fancy paella restaurant. A limousine comes pick Mark up and carry him to Tommy's apartment. Tommy and Mark greet each other and return to the car. Tommy talks about his life and when he mentions he is a prosecutor for the Orlin County the driver unexpectedly hits the brakes. The boys brush off the driver's weird behavior off and continue talking.

After long they notice they are no longer on the city, the driver has change the course and taken them to outskirts. He identifies himself as Darryl John Michael Wayne, grabs a gun and takes the boys hostage. Darryl says that five years ago he was wrongly incarcerated by a freshly graduated Tommy. He blames Tommy for all the disgrace that has befallen his life ever since, his divorce from his wife, his estrangement from his daughter and his near unemployability.

Mark talks him down from his murderous intent, by claiming no system is perfect and comparing himself to the situation Darryl was five years ago. Tommy promises to help prove Darryl's innocence and the man reconsiders killing them. He drives them back to Tommy's hotel where Tommy and Mark have sex and cuddle.


Go on a date with Tommy. (Proceed to #2)
Not interested.
That sounds very fulfilling.
That would make me really anxious.
There are no perfect systems in the world,... (Proceed to #4, necessary for a successful date)
If you're innocent it's appalling. (Proceed to #4, leads into a Game Over after #8)
Oh well. Shit happens. (Game Over)
Despite the tragedy of what happened to you... (Proceed to #6)
Systems are imperfect because people are imperfect. (Proceed to 5)
Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. (Game Over)
#5 (Game Over)
Say nothing. (Proceed to #6)
I know how you feel, John Michael Wayne Darryl. (Game Over)
I know how you feel, Darryl John Michael Wayne. (Proceed to #7)
I know how you feel, Michael Darryl Wayne John. (Game Over)
I hate my name too. (Game Over)
I'm an innocent bystander, just like you were. (Proceed to #8)
If you're innocent, Tommy can... (Proceed to #9)
Just let me go. (Game Over)
Let him finish you off with his mouth... (Proceed to #11, Unlocks CG#2)
Switch the action to something else. (Proceed to #10)
I can totally do this. (Proceed to #11, unlocks CG#1)
Erm, yeah... (Proceed to #11, Unlocks CG#2)
Cuddle and sigh. (Date Successful)
It's time for the prosecution to rest! (Date Successful)