Coming Out On Top Wiki

The Wiki's aim is (1) to create a comprehensive and easy to navigate encyclopedia about the game Coming Out On Top and (2) become and integral part of part of the fandom, where fans of the game can trade experiences and fan inspired works. There's a lot to do on the Wiki and all help is welcome. You can even unlock achievements if you become an editor.

Do you wanna be an editor but doesn't know where to start? Here's how:

1 - Register

If you're going to make regular edits you should first create a Wikia account. Creating an account is very simple and quickly. It only requires you to create an username and password; have an e-mail; insert your birth date and then verify your email. Once created you'll be able to edit any wiki. You can also create a Wikia account using your Facebook one.

2 - Getting used to the editor.

The Wikia has three editors. If you go to a page and click on the Edit  button you'll be taken to the New Visual editor. It's, in theory, the most intuitive editor to use.

If instead you click on the little arrow next to Edit a drop down menu will appear with the option Classic editor. Clicking that will allow you to alternate between the other two editors. Classic Visual editor, that shows how the page will look in real time, and Source editor, that allows for code editing. The editors may require a little getting used to, but they're nothing that will spook anyone who's ever used, say,  Microsoft Word. You can read more about it here.

3 - What to edit?

Before editing you should probably read the Wiki. Just read the wiki. Get a sense of how the pages are structured, the kind of language used, etc...

When you finally get down to editing focus on the things the Wiki needs most:

  • Adding Walkthroughs for the Main Guys that haven't been added yet. (Ian, Jed, Brad, Alex and Amos)
  • Adding Walkthorughs for Mark's CGs
  • Adding supporting characters' pages
  • Improving supporting characters' page