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Coming Out On Top Wiki's sixth poll was created at 20:36 on August 22, 2018 and run up to 14:05 December 06 of 2018. It asked : Since we know Obscurasoft is working on a mysterious new project, which direction do you want/hope/guess for a potential COOT sequel? A total of 152 people voted and the results were:

1º - "I'm fine with anything as long as I get to date more guys" - Apathy reigned and 54 people just want more sex, dammit.

2º - "Play as Terry as he dates other closet cases of the music industry" - 23 of Terry's fans want to take their stanning to the next level and actually be him.

3º - "Play as Mark as he travels to Brazil on Ian's friendship ending and dates Brazilian boys" - please come to brazil x 20.

4º - "Go crazy, ditch the Orlin setting and make a fantasy game. Date knights, mages, orcs, etc..." - 19 people were feeling the RPG fantasy.

5º - "Play as a brand new character who is also a student at Orlin University" - 17 people wouldn't mind going back to school if it was to get laid.

6º - "Play as Cesar as he dates his colleagues in the police force and some criminal punks" - 10 people do need a warrant

7º - "Go crazy, ditch the Orlin setting and make a sci-fi game. Date aliens, robots, time travelers, etc..." - Only 9 people want to explore the final horizon.

Results from the previous poll can be found here.