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Coming Out On Top Wiki's third ever poll was created at 16:27 on April 22 and run up to 11:50 June 13 of 2017.  It asked : Which bonus character would you like to have a full route? A total of 159 people voted and the results were:

1º - Terrence with 50 votes. The popstar with surprising depths got a hold of the first place. He did promise to see Mark again after all...

2º - Donovan with 43 votes. Everyone's favourite  ̶d̶a̶d̶d̶y̶  construction worker bowed at second place.

3º - Luke with 26 votes. Twenty six people would like Mark to return to Luke's frat house for another Streamflix and Chill session.

4º - Cesar with 19 votes. Nineteen trouble makers wouldn't mind being searched by this cop again.

5º - Jesse & Hugh with 8 votes. The twins paramedics take a hold of a rather distant fifth place.

6º - Theo with 4 votes. Coming Out On Top's premiere billionaire got sixth place with a paltry 4 votes.

7º - Tommy with 3 votes. The well hung prosecutor of Orlin bowed at seventh place.

8º - Oz & Pete and Oz(individually) with 2 votes. A tale of two boyfriends.

9º - Jake and Frank with 1 vote. Well, at least they each have one fan out there.

10º - Pete with 0 votes. Poor Pete, no one likes him apparently.

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