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Violet Walker is a recurring character from Phil's route in Coming Out On Top.

Character Summary[]

Violet is the rich and spoiled daughter of the Walkers. She's prone to throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way and is very rude to other people. Due to her upbringing Violet is very out of touch with the lives of regular people.


Violet has medium dark skin, brown eyes, brown hair, which she usually wears in high pony tail, and a slender figure. Her usual attire is a light pink top with purple roses on the left with a silver bangle on her right hand and a silver necklace.


Mark is first meets Violet during Donald's fundraising party in Phil's route. Violet is introduced to Mark by her parents, and is very unimpressed by him.

A few days later, at the behest of the Walkers, Phil and Mark take Violet to a ballet concert. While on the way to the ballet, Violet makes Phil change course to a night club, unbestknow to him. She leaves the car and runs into the club, forcing the boys to go after her. Mark calls Violet out for being a brat which makes her cry. Phil then drops her home.

Weeks later Violet and the boys go out again and this time Violet has taken a sudden interest in experiencing the reality of average people. She gets on a bus and asks the passengers embarrassing and condescending questions. The trio gets off the bus and go to a liquor store where Violet spends her money on lottery tickets. Phil gets fed up with her behavior and convinces Violet to go to a bar, but when they arrive Violet discovers, to her dismay, that it is a sports bar.

Violet later attends the fundraising party her parent throw for Donald, to which she invites Knutson and Zelinski.